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Konjac clean skin cotton four functions

2017-08-15 17:31:17 read:256

   1, apply konjac cleansing sponge own weak acid performance away deep inside the pores of dirt, with super cleaning ability, even if don't use soap or cleanser, also can neutralize and decomposition of residual cosmetics or dust in the skin.And she is safe, no stimulation, even sensitive skin even infants and young children can also considerate care;

   2, skin konjac cleansing sponge konjac fiber organization, it can be mended after sun fragile skin, even forcibly knead, also does not harm the skin.Contains natural water factor (KGM), in the face of supplement skin moisture at the same time, more can lock the water after washing, wash again after tight, dry.

   3, beautiful skin wash a face with konjac cleansing sponge daily massage, can strengthen the chamfer effect, prevent wrinkles, out accumulated melanin in the stratum corneum, slow release of natural whitening factor (PC) makes the skin smooth and white.

  4, keep skin use konjac sponge rinse for a long time, can promote metabolism, blood circulation is smooth, fundamental improve skin from outside to inside.