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    Polished Strip Sponge file

product description

【Physical drawing】


【Nail file description】

Nail file is used for the use of the nail/crystal nail/true armor for its shape and trimming.

Differentiated by particle (grit): Represents the density of abrasive grains contained within the square inch area. The higher the particle density, the larger the nail file model, the lower the particle density, the smaller the nail file model, the stronger the grinding file.

【The correct use of the bar】

* The loss of false nails, back and forth no serious harm, but when the real nail, please do not go back and forth in the same place in the real, this friction will cause fever, causing the injury or fall off of the cause of real armour. The correct use method is, from both sides to nail tip Center direction file nails, and in one Direction down, in the same area down several times, moving to other parts of the mill, so that the cycle of grinding down real armour, so as not to hurt the real armor.

* With grinding down on the skin gently rub, when the feeling of abrasion than skin roughness, the abrasion of the mill file over the natural nails of the endurance, will cause the rupture of natural nails or peeling off, should choose a larger model, more soft grinding file dressing natural nails.

Color Printing double-sided nail file-can make the nail grinding short, grinding out beautiful radian, can be polished nail surface smooth.