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    Nail Polish

product description

【Physical drawing】

【Use Method】

1, will have cut the length of nails with steel file or flower file in accordance with the first two sides of the front end of the order of repair, repair grinding into the shape we need.

2, the repair of real nails, can not be in the same place file back and forth, because this file grinding will cause fever, resulting in damage to the nails and even fall off. The appropriate back-and-forth file for false nails is no big deal.

3, with a grinding file in the skin gently rub, when the feeling of abrasive than skin roughness, the nail file is more abrasive than the natural nails of the endurance, will cause the nail break or fall off, should choose a larger model, more soft file strip dressing natural nails.

4, the use of File repair nail shape, must pay attention to the repair on both sides of the nail must be fine, the shape of the front must be rounded.

【Product Advantages】

1. Health Nail

Beautiful nail polishing block, the use of physical polishing, polishing speed, long-lasting effect, the real health nail

2. Compact Size

Small and lovely shape, easy to carry, you can give your favorite nail manicure anytime, anywhere

3. Delicate surface

The surface is delicate, gentle and polished, without hurting the nails of the polished block.