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    Four-color rotary nail file

product description

【Product Introduction】

Rotary type can be accepted, easy to carry. Two sides file piece, can be exchanged at will. File-Polished nails make it more lustrous and smoother. Use order: Powder, green, purple, gray sand quality from coarse to fine, in turn use, the effect is better oh!

Pink: Used only to repair the edge of the nail file, Do not apply to nail surfaces;

Green: Use one side to file flat nail on the surface of the convex lines, but do not file excessive grinding, A thinner person is carefully used;

Purple: Often used to grind the nail surface;

Gray: Can be used at any time to rub the surface of the nail to produce luster.

【Physical Map】


【Product Advantages】

1. Create Beautiful Nails

Polished block, after careful design, small seven delicate grinding mouth fine, easy to create a beautiful nail.

2. Rotary Nail Polishing file

Use polished nail surface to repair siphoning glossy nails

3. Four-color polishing surface

There is a color difference of the nail grinding block, when used will not be confusing, each side has its different use function. Distinguish between the use effect more.