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    3D Puff

product description

【"Product Features】: The use of imported raw materials production, material environmental protection, 360 degrees without dead-end makeup, no odor, no stimulation, apply to any skin, at the same time products can be wet and dry, even if the use of oily skin will not drop debris.

【Product Profile】: the location of the tip of the nose even the most difficult to reach the location of the gap can be perfect to fill the foundation recommended for wet use. After the wet, the volume will be big super cute, super feel. Look at the mood is good oh. The so-called wet use, is to beat the water after the dry use, so do not suck foundation, the bottom makeup more adhere.

【Real picture】





【Design concept】: for delicate and difficult facial areas. Its tip is suitable for the corners of the eye, nose and other difficult to estimate the depths. and its tail end can be very good with the face contour paste and, can be sure that: not the General Foundation liquid Sponge. It is easy to control the foundation components, so that the foundation can be evenly applied to the surface, the effect adhere natural.

1. The use of foaming technology and polymer technology produced, cotton surface flexibility refinement, Q-bomb feeling.

2. Close skin, makeup delicate adhere, to create a fresh and transparent bottom makeup effect, let you farewell to take off makeup.

3. Fine texture, can wet and dry dual-use, whether dry or wet, will not suck powder.

4. No dead end makeup, use can take into account the various cosmetic corner, let makeup more delicate adhere.

5. Polymer technology, do not drop crumbs, allergy-proof, suitable for a variety of skin use.

【Use Method】

1. Prepare-the whole beauty of the egg wet, and then dry towel to dry, so that the beauty of the egg Show 8 dry state.

2. Bottom-Use the beauty of the egg at any angle, to cover the way to create a clean and transparent bottom makeup.

3. Concealer-tip dip, focus modification, do not pull to avoid the production of fine lines.

4. Eye shadow-compressed cutting tips to draw a natural deep eye effect.

5. Lighting-using three-dimensional side, dip the bright powder to play a high nose.

6. Blush-Beauty egg round bottom easy to color, paste → natural powder → gentle

7. Repair capacity-the use of three-dimensional side, can immediately replace the convenience of the repair brush.

8. Fixed makeup-any angle, whether it is compressed or loose-shaped honey powder, can easily dip, lasting makeup feeling.

Water Drop gourd sponge needs to be used before each use wet before 80% dry again, and every time after use to clean


Apply to General Makeup Foundation, foundation cream, Foundation cream, Bar Foundation

Antibacterial treatment, easy to clean and seek to save.