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    non-latex puff

product description

【Physical drawing】



【Use Method】

Step1:prepare-The whole beauty makeup egg assault wet, and then with a dry towel blot, the water let beauty makeup egg present eight points and dry condition

Step2:Foundation-Using egg any Angle, beauty makeup to cover seal flick way to create uniform clear bottom makeup.

Step3:concealer-Cutting-edge dab, key, not pull to avoid the appearance of fine lines.

Step4:eye shadow- Draw the natural effect of abstruse eyes flattened tip.

Step5: Lighting- Using three-dimensional side, dab light powder with high stand the bridge of the nose.

Step6: blusher- Beauty makeup at the bottom of the egg circular stain easily

Step7:the use of three-dimensional side, can immediately replace the convenience of the brush.

Step8: makeup- Any Angle, it is compressed or loose powder, touch is easy to take, lasting makeup feeling 

Water droplets need before each use wet sponge and then to eighty percent dry reoccupy, and have to clean after each use

【Product Maintenance】

Become dirty Harden, non-stick powder puff, please clean in time.

1. Take proper amount of neutral detergent

2. By pressing up and down to clean

3. Rinse the foam with water and dry it in a shady place