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    Latex Eye Shadow Warhead

product description

【Product Introduction】

Polymer synthesis, tactile comfort. Meticulous block remover, with a gentle wipe, make-up remover, can quickly remove facial grease, can effectively massage the skin. Is modern makeup, remover indispensable products. Long-term use that makes you younger than that. The use of imported high-quality natural latex in Southeast Asia and South Korea synthetic rubber as raw materials. Adopt Japanese Puff formula. Specializing in the production of cosmetic latex sponge puff and cosmetics accessories;

Very suitable for coating foundation liquid, isolation, powder cake ! Use puff to push foundation, isolation can make powder and skin more adhere, Not easy to remove. and also convenient, makeup faster:

Do you marvel at the time when you see models in commercials that have flawless skin like enamel dolls? To create flawless makeup, the makeup tool is also a very important part in addition to good skin and makeup. The choice of puff, directly related to your makeup is even, adhere, therefore, how to choose and maintenance puff, you must take a lesson Oh!

Workmanship: Fine and firm.

Material: high quality material.

Design: Convenient fashion.

Make-up function: Used to apply the foundation, you can make the foundation evenly applied to the details of the face parts.

【Physical Map】





【Use Method】

1, make-up, with this product to wipe the foundation, evenly applied to the face, can promote blood circulation, The massage effect.

2, The way from down to up, gradually apply the powder to the whole face, as for the face frame around the Shao bit, then gently coated with a transparent layer can be.

3, dry: Light According to the powder cake to dip the appropriate amount of powder makeup, gradually pushed on the skin.

【Use Hints】

Use Tips--in each makeup should use a clean side of the puff, so as to ensure that the makeup face adhere, lasting, clean.

Cleaning skills-can be a sponge into the surface of the left side, the right side of the surface, inside the left side, the right side of the four parts, for different models of foundation. Use one section at a time and rinse thoroughly with soap after four times. Sponge in use as a result of absorbing the foundation moisture and become moist, easy to cause a large number of bacteria breeding, so careful cleaning is very necessary, can ensure the safety and health of the skin.

Reminder-If a puff is often cleaned and the skin feels bad, the edge is broken and the new sponge is replaced. In the studio, you can save the old puff used to play the body powder;

【Maintenance Method】

1. When dirty, please add a small amount of neutral lotion with warm water, in order to repeatedly squeeze the sponge deep dirt forced out, until the water vapor completely evaporated after the overcast, can be stored or reused.

2. Replace the new product when you find the elasticity is poor or discolored.

3. Avoid exposure to high temperature or sunlight.