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    Vibrating Puff

product description

【Product Introduction】

wet and dry dual use

Conventional packaging: bulk

Material: Sbr Nbr edging Latex Puff

Can be customized: According to customer requirements size, thickness, color, material, packaging requirements OEM10000 

Material: General NBR, SBR, nr several, of which: NBR resistance to oily strong, suitable for oily makeup; strong water resistance, washing or long-term use is not easy to deformation, and flexibility, texture, can be adjusted from the overall skin color, make makeup more beautiful, adjustable color, shape, density, size, etc. suggested use: Powder cake, foundation cream, Foundation liquid, wash surface liquid.

【Performance Description】

Polymer products, tactile comfort, is a modern makeup remover indispensable products.

Polymer synthesis, good fine, tactile comfort. Meticulous block remover, with a gentle wipe, make-up remover, can quickly remove facial grease, can effectively massage the skin. Long-term use that makes you younger than that.

【Physical Map】



【Product Features】

1. The use of imported raw materials, mild no stimulation, anti-bacterial treatment, safe and non-toxic

2. Uniform density, elastic moderate, fine texture soft, easy on the powder, and even effect

3. Easy to extend the paste, make the bottom more simple, bottom makeup natural adhere

4. Good water absorption, wear resistance, heat resistance, not easy to rupture, not to drop crumbs, easy to clean

5. The sponge on the edge of grinding is higher, but the makeup is more uniform;

【Product Advantages】

1. Fine elasticity, skin not drop, preferably NBR material puff, texture soft density, high elasticity, oil resistance aging, wear-resistant

2. Advanced NBR sponge material, oil-resistant powder, folding, natural recovery of the original appearance

3. Oil-resistant, hydrophilic. Good skin touch, with oil anti-aging, easy to wear makeup, adhere, not easy to drop slag

4. According to their own needs to shape the size of the makeup, more evenly, more delicate

【Use Method】

This product can wet and dry dual-use:

Dry cosmetic: Can be used for blush/powder/powder cake/Highlight powder and other decorations

1. Use sponge puff to extract dry powder products;

2, the sponge puff hands to remove and then gently rub each other to make dry powder evenly distributed;

3, with a puff from the inside out to tap and press the technique evenly on the face powder;

4, after use carefully save, please regularly clean.

【Security Recommendations】

High-quality puff + regular cleaning, replacement = safe and healthy practical!

Start with makeup puff! Really cherish their own skin! Get rid of allergies caused by material and bacteria!

Dry-Wet dual-use powder Puff 2 tablets, on average every 1-2 months to change a piece (recommended wet and dry separate)! can be more than 3 months!

【Save Note】

1. Preservation should avoid high temperatures and direct sunlight

2. Please do not approach the fire. Do not place it in children